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A 66" wide FeltLOOM was added to East Valley Alpacas / The Fiber Factory during 2010. The FeltLOOM is an amazing machine that can turn your fiber into high quality felt sheets ranging from extremely thin to moderate thickness. FeltLOOM yardage can be used for scarves, blankets, garments, rugs, insoles and more. You are only limited by your imagination!

Felt can be unstructured (no fabric layer) or structured (felted onto fabric). Standard unstructured sheets are approximately 2' x 4' and double size sheets are 4' x 4'. These sizes are based on the size of batts coming off the carder. Structured sheets are based on the width of material used (36", 45" or 54").
Needle felting is a process of repeatedly piercing fiber with special barbed needles that cause the fibers to become tangled, and eventually make felt sheets. The FeltLOOM has almost 800 felting needles, and allows the material to pass through the needles multiple times.

Felt is made from carded fiber (batts or roving). Felt intended for use next to the skin should be made from the finest fiber. Other than coarse fiber being used for rugs or insoles, fiber for felt is always dehaired. Dehairing (fiber separating) makes a huge difference in the softness of the final product. Roving makes very interesting small items, but for consistent large items, batts are required. Batts can be made of varying thicknesses, to accomplish the desired end product.
FeltLOOM pricing - Unstructured felt pieces
Pricing for needle felted items is based on processing your raw fleece, and then turning it into needle felted items.

approximate dimensions Thin Medium Thick
2' x 4' $6/lb. for washing + $25/lb. for felting
4' x 4' $6/lb. for washing + $25/lb. for felting
Double thickness for insoles
50% alpaca/50% wool. Wool included.
$5 per pair if 100% of fiber provided. $6 per pair if wool or alpaca added to make 50/50 blend.

Maximum poundage accepted at one time - 20 lb if all fiber provided, 10 lb. if wool or alpaca being added to make 50/50 blend. This amount of fiber will yield 6 to 7 dozen pair of insoles, depending on sizes requested and the quality and cleanliness of fiber (do not send junk).
Approx. 6" x 56" scarf (edges finished) $15

Minimum felt processing order is 3 lb. per lot (color or grade of alpaca to be processed separately).
FeltLOOM pricing - structured yardage
Pricing includes processing your fiber into batting, and felting it onto silk material.

45" silk gauze $6/lb. for washing + $28/lb. for felting plus cost of silk

Minimum felt processing order is 3 lb per lot.

Important note: 100% suri alpaca is not recommended. The addition of huacaya alpaca or merino wool will improve the consistency of the final product.

In addition, the FeltLOOM can be rented by the hour so you can create your own designs. Imagine scarves, blankets and clothing items made from your own fiber! Rental of the FeltLOOM is:

$60 per hour
$200 for a four hour block
$350 for an 8 hour block

Rental includes use of the machine and staff time. Staff will perform most of the work involved in running felt sheets through multiple passes, allowing you to continue designing your creations.

Longer packages including overnight accomodations in a fully equipped guest house are also available.

The possibilities are unlimited with needle felted sheets. Structured or unstructured, one sided or two sided, decorated or plain.... the list goes on and on. Pieces can be made to order as well, based on your color choice, preference of thickness, etc. Tell us what you'd like to make with the felt, and we will help you design the exact felt to meet your needs.

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